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Terrace doors and balcony doors / Expansive openness

Terrace door systems extend the living room into the garden, terrace or balcony to create a generous space for living. The Inoutic product portfolio is perfectly coordinated to meet individual needs and offers a range of different sizes for easy installation in older buildings as well. Inoutic balcony doors enable you to design the transitions from the inside to the outside of you home, just the way you want. For every version you choose we guarantee easy operation and a high level of living comfort. Optimised thermal insulation is ensured through multi-chamber profiles and an optional thermally separated threshold.  The steel reinforcements ensure maximum stability and long service life. You can create your individual design thanks to the wide and impressive range of colours.

Terrace and balcony doors are available in different versions: with an all-round weldable frame, as folding-sliding door, tilt/slide door or as a lift and sliding door. The version you choose depends on your individual needs, such as element size and the desired operating comfort.


Lift and sliding doors

For particularly large terrace doors the lift and sliding doors are the design to choose as these can be opened easily and most conveniently. You can slide the moving sash elements in horizontal direction with little effort. Optionally the lift and sliding doors can be fitted with a motorised remote control. Apart from a high resistance to wind and watertightness Inoutic lift and sliding doors set standards with regard to thermal insulation boasting a Uf-value of 1.3 W/m2K. They also guarantee high stability based on a continuous steel reinforcement in the frame and sash.

Further details and technical specifications.


Tilt/slide and folding-sliding systems

Both sliding systems are made of standard window profiles. For tilt/slide systems there is a choice of several versions: there are two, three and four-part elements available. The sliding sash can also be tilted separately for ventilation purposes.

In the folding-sliding systems the “folding mechanism” practically allows you to open the entire opening width. The sash elements can be folded differently depending on the design version. No fixed glazed elements, sides or jambs block the opening.

Further details on the tilt/slide and folding-sliding systems.

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Inoutic / Deceuninck guarantees excellent wind resistance and watertightness, optimum soundproofing and protection against burglary as well as a long service life.
Inoutic products meet state-of-the-art standards in the field of energy saving and stand out with superb thermal insulation properties, excellent moisture protection as well as resistance against corrosion.
The wide variety of colours offers almost unlimited scope for creating an individual facade composition that also emphasises any architectural style.
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