Who are we?

Inoutic is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality PVC systems for windows and doors, wall and roof cladding as well as for terrace design and landscaping.

We connect the inside and outside of all kinds of buildings with technically advanced precision products which set standards in terms of quality, function and reliability. What sets us apart is the creativity of our engineered solutions. Our success lies in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Inoutic / Deceuninck GmbH is a subsidiary of the Belgian Deceuninck Group which with its branches in 91 countrires has a global network in the field of plastics processing. Inoutic was founded in 1956 as the plastic processing company Kunststoffwerke Gebr. Anger in Bogen. In 1985 the company became >Thyssen Polymer GmbH, Kunststofftechnik< and in 2007 was renamed >Inoutic / Deceuninck GmbH<.

Our competence /

The result of many years of experience

We can look back on 60 years of experience in the plastics sector. Our factory in Bogen covers the entire value chain – from draft design and development through to extrusion and refinement.

Through intense research work and years of experience we are able to produce innovative solutions, like our new wood-PVC composite Twinson. All of our building products are easy to handle and 
install and require practically no maintenance. 

We help our customers create their own individual style and realise their living dreams. A superb combination of timeless design and product longevity guarantees a service life of over 50 years. We rely on long-term partnerships and mutual trust in order to create a healthy and sustainable environment for our customers and for our staff.

Our aim /

Top quality

Stimuli for the concept of our products are taken from the fields of design, architecture and ecology. The official quality standards are only the minimum requirements, and these are all met by Inoutic / Deceuninck‘s products. 

Our goal is not only to satisfy today’s customer requirements but also those that lie ahead of us in the future. 

Inoutic products undergo a number of tests to monitor material strength, precision, production tolerance and finish quality. Using digital 2D and manual 3D measurements we continuously check the quality. Renowned national and international testing institutes confirm the optimised durability, safety, energy efficiency and design of Inoutic products – a standard that is represented by Inoutic‘s quality marks.

Our approach /

Sustainable and future-proof

We help our customers create a sustainable, extremely energy-efficient home. Our products are easy to care for and durable with excellent thermal insulation values. The eco-balance of all of our products is excellent and they are 100 % recyclable at the end of their service life. 

As a voluntary commitment we exclusively produce window profiles with lead-free stabilisers on a zinc / calcium basis. We additionally take proactive action in the recycling of PVC windows. As founding member of the Initiative Rewindo GmbH, Inoutic / Deceuninck is committed to increasing the recycling quota for plastic building components and to intensively promoting a responsible and sustainable development with PVC.