PROtex roller shutters: All-round protection for all popular window systems

Improve your living conditions and protect yourself against the weather, burglary and nosey neighbours! Available in different box sizes, an extensive range of colours and to match all popular window systems for both old and new buildings. With PROtex it's easy to make the right choice without sacrificing the best protection.

Just use this light PVC roller shutter's simple strap, crank or motor function to keep the heat inside when it's cold outside or prevent excessive heating of your interior on hot summer days. This shutter's superior thermal insulation values contribute towards an energy-efficient design and lead to significant heating cost savings. 

A specialist dealer in your area would be happy to advise you!

Technical specifications

  • Different box sizes
  • Available as wall-mounted roller shutter boxes or concealed roller shutter boxes
  • Venetian blind solution available
  • Optionally operated by pull-belt, hand-crank or motor
  • Wide range of colours to go with all common window systems
  • Available with and without fly screen
  • A retrofitting of the fly screen is also possible
  • Sturdy mounting of elements on the window lintel using strong steel brackets 
  • Secure, fast and low-cost mounting of the box on the frame using a clip-on adapter 
  • The heat transfer coefficient Usb exceeds the required value set out in the DIN 4108 (Usb ≤ 0.85 W/m2K) with values of up to Usb 0.76 W/m²K.
  • The temperature factor fRsi for dew water protection and for the prevention of mould with values of up to > 0.7 also exceeds the required values of the DIN standard.
  • Fully insulated roller compartment through large brush seal
  • Patented roller shutter shaft mounted in ball bearings
  • Inspection cover: screwless attachment for inspection from below or the rear
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PROtex roller shutter box

The PROtex series roller shutter boxes have a modern, clear design. The extensive range of colours in the Inoutic colour system offers scope for individual design. The narrow structural height of the systems allows discreet integration into almost any building façade.

Available in 5 different sizes, the PROtex roller shutter box gives you maximum flexibility for all types of windows with a maximum element height of 3.15 m.
PROtex roller shutter box

PROtex concealed roller shutter box

The roller shutter box can also be completely concealed. The PROtex concealed roller shutter box is available in 2 different sizes with a maximum element height of 3.15 m.
PROtex concealed roller shutter box

PROtex Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the delicate alternative to roller shutters. With Venetian blinds, you direct the daylight individually according to your needs and at the same time protect your private space. PROtex provides an integrable Venetian blinds solution that is compatible with all popular Venetian blinds.
PROtex Venetian blinds

Inoutic colour system /

Individual colours to suit all tastes

Coloured windows create a design effect and have a considerable influence on the visual appearance of the façade. 
With a wide choice of decors, Inoutic offers almost unlimited design possibilities. This enables new buildings and renovation projects alike to be designed completely individually, breathing new life into the façade.

Our window colours are grouped into architectural styles to give you a simple choice of colours to suit your own personal preferences exactly .

Trend Colors

Subdued and stylish grey tones feature an elegant pearl structure, awarding a sophisticated emphasis to the architectural design.

Architecture Colors

Aluminium and metal looks of the premium colours Titanium Plus accentuate the modern character of both private homes and commercial buildings.

Classic Colors

Our best-selling colour decors can be universally used for private and commercial building architecture, and match new buildings and renovation projects.

Timeless Colors

Delicate wood grain finishes in combination with timeless colour nuances award the façade a special flair.

Traditional Colors

Warm wood decors for a natural look in fine and distinctive wood grains which blend perfectly into both traditional and modern building styles.

Colour Configurator

You can use our Colour Configurator to redesign your façade with just a few clicks. Simply upload a photo of your building and give it a try!



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