Gable and roof claddings with angle profiles and flat cladding profiles made from PVC

The extensive range of the PVC cladding system with accessories for gable claddings, corners, butts, edges, reveals and transitions can be flexibly adapted to suit all structural shapes. Besides being visually attractive, the surface also provides long-term protection against the influences of the weather. At the same time, it is just as easy to work with as wood.

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Technical specifications

  • Combination of hard foam PVC and hard PVC film lamination
  • Weatherproof and very easy to maintain
  • Gap-free
  • Available in various sizes and shapes
  • Widths: 90 – 400 mm, length: 6 m
  • Visible mounting with stainless steel screws with coloured screw head or nails with PVC head
  • Profiles: Invisible mounting
  • A complete system consisting of end profiles, accessories, incl. ventilation possibilities
  • Can be combined with the PVC cavity profiles. The system is compatible with low-energy buildings and wood buildings
  • Fully coloured and available with film lamination 
Technical specifications

Large colour pallet for stylish gable cladding

The cladding profiles are available both fully coloured and with film lamination.
With film lamination, the profiles are coated with a UV-resistant and dirt-repelling acrylic film.
Look at colour pallet



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