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Fencing / For gardens, decks and outdoor areas

The fencing system is the perfect addition to our decks and wall cladding systems in the patented Twinson wood-plastic composite. The fencing components can be produced in two different heights as required. The smaller system, which has a finished height of 1.15 metres, can simply be bolted into concrete. The taller system must be set in concrete. This gives a finished height of 1.84 metres. The posts are made of high-quality aluminium, and are available in both silver and black. The design allows corner joints with angles of 0 – 180 degrees, and the angle is continuously adjustable. The system is extremely stable, and is also easy to connect to outside walls.

Fencing components suitable for gardens and decks

Decking boards from the Terrace systems can be used between the posts as fencing components. This means that there are up to six attractive natural colours to choose from, thus ensuring that the fencing will harmonise with garden and deck. The fencing blends in with any outdoor area, while at the same time providing cosiness and undisturbed moments in your oasis of peace. Another advantage: thanks to the innovative Twinson wood-plastic composite, the system is extremely easy to maintain and highly durable. Twinson makes painting a thing of the past, and keeps its attractive, natural appearance for many years despite the weather.

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